Bhujangasana - Coiling your upper body up and back

Bhujang means "cobra" and asana means pose hence it is known as Cobra pose . It was named such because Bhujangasana reflects the posture of a cobra that has its hood raised.
Benefits : The Cobra Pose is a great exercise for people with lower back aches.
This posture decreases stiffness in the lower back.
This asana improves and deepens breathing.
It strengthens the arms and shoulders.
Massages your shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles.
The pressure on the abdomen is also beneficial to the abdominal organs and in particular the digestive organs.

It should not be practiced by those who have undergone surgeries of spine and abdomen.
Note: This is position 7 in surya namaskara.
Avoid doing this asana. Read this section carefully before you do it.
Should not be practiced by those suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia.
It should not be practised by pregnant women.

How to do this asana:

To begin bhujangasana, release your hands from under your head. Bring them underneath your shoulders, palms facing down, lining up the tips of the fingers with the tops of the shoulders. The elbows should be bent and tucked in close to the body.
Step 1: FACE DOWN: Lie on your front. When you are fully relaxed, begin to come into the cobra. Still lying on your front, place your hands flat on the floor so that they are directly underneath your shoulders. Next lift your head up a little and bend your neck, then lower your forehead to the ground.
Step 2: ROLL UP: Inhale, slowly rolling up and back. First bring your forehead up so that your nose rests on the floor, then continue rolling up and back. Move slowly, so that you feel each vertebra arching back.
Step 3: HOLD: Hold the pose for 10 to 60 seconds. Slowly roll down, keeping your head back until last. As you do the cobra, make sure you are not overextending the lower back. No pain should be felt in the lower back.

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