Padahasthasana - Standing forward bend

In the Sanskrit language pada means ‘foot’ and hasta refers to the ‘hand’. Therefore padahasta asana means the ‘hand to foot pose’.
Benefits : The toning of the abdominal organs
Conditions of bloating of the abdomen, constipation, indigestion and other gastric troubles can be greatly alleviated
Helps to relieve sciatica
The spine is made resilient, straight and flexible
Circulation of the blood throughout the body is improved
The muscles of the back are stretched and energized, making one feel invigorated afterwards

People suffering from back conditions should not bend forward fully.
Note: Back injury: Do this pose with bent knees, or perform Ardha Uttanasana.In the beginning, hold the posture for 5 seconds, gradually working up to 1 minute or more
Avoid doing this asana. Read this section carefully before you do it.
If you have neck or lower back injuries, this pose should be avoided unless supervised or approval given by your doctor.
• Tight hamstrings (bend your knees enough so you are able to bend from the hips.)
• Weak lower back
• Herniated Disc

How to do this asana:

Standing your foot together,keeping your arms extended,bend forward and touch your palms beside the foot.
Step 1: Stand straight with an erect spine and legs shoulder width apart.
Feet must be parallel to each other.
Inhale and raise both your hands straight above your head.
Step 2: Exhale and bend forward from the hips keeping your back straight as long as possible. Keep your legs straight with the weight of the body over the balls of the feet. Feel that the hips are lifting up and the body is falling away from the hips.
Avoid Sep 3 : People suffering from back conditions should avoid this step.
Sep 3: If possible, put your hands flat on the floor, or wrap your fingers around the big toes, or Keep your hands under your feet with the palms facing up and bring your toes to touch your wrist.
Step 4: Try to bring the head in as close to the knees as possible with the neck relaxed and hold the posture for 5 seconds, gradually working up to 1 minute or more.
Step 5: To come out of the posture inhale and slowly roll the body up bringing the head up last.

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