Prasarita Padottanasana - Wide-Legged Forward Bend

"Prasarita" — meaning "spread" or "expanded"
"Pada" — meaning "foot" or "leg"
"Ut" — meaning "intense"
"Tan" — meaning "to stretch"
"Asana" — meaning "pose".
This pose is also sometimes called "Straddle Fold," "Standing Straddle," and "Wide-Legged Forward Bend,"
Benefits : Stretches the back and inside of the legs
Opens the hips
Stretches the spine, shoulders and chest
Grounds you and calms the mind
Can relieve mild backache

Lower-back problems: Avoid the full forward bend
Note: Most beginning students aren't able to easily touch the crown of their head to the floor in the last stage of this forward bend. Instead you can support your head on a pillow.
Avoid doing this asana. Read this section carefully before you do it.
Lower back pain or injury
Sinus congestion

How to do this asana:

Stand in Tadasana with the hands on the waist.Inhale spread the legs 4ft-5ft apart.Exhale, extend the trunk forward from the hips, stretching the spine.Keeping the chest open, exhale, bend the elbows, take the head to the floor and rest the crown of the head on the floor.
Step 1: Stand in tadasana
Step 2: Step or lightly hop your feet 4 to 5 feet apart, Rest your hands on your hips.
Sep 3: Inhale and lengthen your torso, reaching the crown of your head up toward the ceiling. Exhaling, fold forward at the hips. Keep the front of your torso long. Drop your head and gaze softly behind you.
Step 4: Bring your hands to rest on the floor between your legs. Keep your elbows bent and pointing behind you.
Step 5: Lengthen your spine on your inhalations and fold deeper on your exhalations.Bring the crown of your head down further, resting it on the floor if possible.
Step 6: Hold for up to one minute. To release, bring your hands to your hips. Press firmly through your feet and inhale to lift your torso with a flat back. Step your feet together and return to Mountain Pose.

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