Client Reviews & Testimonials

Gayathri & Arvind

After joining August Yoga, we had fallen in love with yoga. We both felt healthier and are grateful to our guru for her patience and diligence.

Thank you, August Yoga for the authentic experience!

Diana Ramjeet

I am a Canadian resident who vacationed in Bangalore for one week. I wanted to practice yoga while in India and, after researching a few places, I came across August Yoga. I had a million questions as it was my first time in India and the team at August was always very quick to respond and more than willing to offer their support. Once in India, I was introduced to the team, who were all very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help me plan my time in India. I am so very happy to have met all of them and hope to see them all again one day. I learned a lot from my teachers and experienced yoga in a way that I never have in Canada. Thank you all for this amazing experience. I highly recommend August Yoga to anyone who is currently practicing or new to yoga. 



I have had prior experience in traditional Yoga. My Yoga teacher left for an ashram. Hence, I was in search of a new place to practice asanas. But for over a year, having attended over 8-10 trial classes in different places, nothing was anywhere near to acceptable. Then, after a long and arduous search in areas around HSR, I found August Yoga. As they say, when you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it!

All that it took was one trial class, and I instantly connected with the place, with my teacher. I could feel the whole aura shining around in the place. Sounds a little exaggerating, but you have to experience it to feel it. Finding a Yoga teacher who follows Yoga as a religion is not an easy task in today’s commercial world. My teacher gives 100% attention during the whole hour you spend in the studio – be it breathing, posture, or a small effort you put in getting the asana right, regardless of the number of people. And for people who think Yoga is boring/a lazy man's exercise or cannot break into any sweat with asanas – come attend one class and you will change your whole opinion!

I feel so very rejuvenated, all over again. Thanks to August Yoga for upholding the traditional (Hatha) Yoga in its very original native form!


Karthik Rajaram

I am a Sales Professional and my work was getting quite hectic and stressful. Hence, I decided to learn yoga to combat stress and joining August Yoga is one decision which I will never ever regret. Within a week of doing yoga, I could see a marked improvement in my energy levels and that really made me more productive at work. I am now able to stay relaxed even under stressful situations and hence able to deal with it a lot better. I am also very fortunate to have a teacher who is very encouraging and pushes you to realize your full potential. I would strongly recommend August Yoga to anybody who wants to learn and practice yoga.



I joined August Yoga as one of its first few members. Every session at August Yoga leaves me feeling fresh. Even though it hasn’t been very long since I started practicing, I already feel my body has become more flexible, strong and an increase in my energy level. The teachers here are very supportive and are always motivating to become better with every session. Their encouraging and gentle reminders have enabled me to greatly enhance my practice.

Attend a free class and feel the difference. Sun salutations can energize and warm you, even on the gloomiest, coldest day.


Deeptha Jay

They encourage us to practice daily, which is the ideal thing to do. Great ambience. And lot of personal attention. We are fortunate to have them in our neighborhood. And I would like to thank my teacher for her guidance in this practice. Her encouraging and gentle reminders have helped me to greatly enhance my practice.

Muthu Prathap

I am very happy to have found august yoga. The flexible timings available throughout the day help people like me who otherwise won't be able to come in the early mornings or evenings. The instructors are just amazing. Having gone into depths in yoga, they bring the purest form of yoga to class without diluting the class with aerobics and other exercises. For instance, I had been doing yoga for over two years at other centers, but I wasn't even aware that something called "chandra namaskar" existed besides "surya namaskar" until my teacher taught me. She also explains in very simple language, the merits and nuances of each asana and the diseases that can be prevented by doing it. I feel happy and at peace and keep looking forward to each class everyday. I was sleep deprived until I joined and, now, I have a very healthy sleep pattern too. I wish august yoga a very prosperous future.



I joined August Yoga on 1st of January 2014. The primary objective was to become more flexible, learn the correct way to do a pose and loose some weight. Though I have not lost too much weight (I have been practicing for only three months now), I should say that my flexibility has improved, and the best part is that I am learning the correct method of doing asana without pushing myself too hard. The teacher is very understanding and co-operative and inspires me, which makes me come every morning even though I am not a early riser. She is quite gifted. Her way of teaching is challenging yet safe. I feel fortunate to be able to practice with him/her. Some of the good things about August Yoga center are: traditional approach, great ambiance, lot of personal attention.


Mrigo Priya

I have been taking weekend classes at August yoga for a few months now. They have some of the best teachers I ever practiced with. Their rigorous sessions are what I look forward to every weekend. My teacher is gentle yet stern. Now I don't like to miss the classes. And if I have to, due to any personal reason, I feel I have missed a lot.



I strongly believe that yoga is a blessing. It changes not just body or mind, but your whole life. There are many forms of exercise to keep us fit and I have practised various forms but I find yoga to be the most satisfying. It is a complete workout mental and physical.

I have practised classical and power yoga and have always wanted to practice ashtanga vinyasa yoga. I was searching for a good class as it is not easy to find good ashtanga teachers who are experienced in higher levels. I finally met Jumshid and attended his session.

Jumshid's ashtanga class is too good and his teaching is commendable - the way he instructs, alignment of movement and breath, correction of postures, and his explanations. When I practice with him, I feel very calm, relaxed, and refreshed. It's been a great experience. Feel blessed to have such a teacher.


August Yoga came to my notice one day while I was driving. I thought of giving it a try. It's been a while since I joined, and so far it's been good. They have flexible timings. Also, my teacher is very knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. Benefits are: I feel more active and can perform daily activities far more easily now. Thanks to August Yoga.


The teaching method at August Yoga is rooted in tradition and also takes care of my personal background. Besides, my teacher is very talented and always tries to adjust to our pace. The guidance is just perfect. Every session leaves me invigorating. They encourage a daily practice. And are committed to our overall well-being -- physical, mental, and spiritual.