Rules of our center

If you are suffering/recovering from injuries, ailment, or physical discomfort, please inform the teacher prior to starting practice.

Never hesitate to ask the teacher for any help.

General Rules

  • Arrive 5 minutes before the class starts.
  • Before practice, the bladder should be emptied and bowels evacuated.
  • Personal hygiene is an integral part of practice. Ensure that you use a clean mat, towel, and clothes.
  • Mats will be provided only for trial classes. Once registered, get your own mat.
  • Pay attention to and follow the teacher’s instructions.
  • Stick to the traditional methods. Do not skip postures or increase speed without instruction. Respect and follow the traditional teachings.
  • Practice with care and consideration for yourself and others.
  • For issues not related to practice, ask at the front desk for details.

Upon Arrival

  • Try to arrive 5 minutes early for your class.
  • Remove your footwear outside the hall.

Before Class

  • Do not eat heavy food at least 2 hours prior to and within half an hour after class. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.
  • Come hydrated. But refrain from drinking too much water for half an hour before and after class.
  • Wear anything comfortable.

During Class

  • Set your mobile phone to silent or switched off mode
  • Refrain from talking.
  • Respect the teacher and closely follow his or her instructions.
  • Most importantly...breathe and enjoy!

After Practice

  • Practitioners must wipe off their sweat and mat particles from the floor.
  • Fold your mat and keep it neatly in the provided area.

During the Day

  • Drink water and take rest. Be aware of how your body is feeling.
  • Take it easy and slow, but steady. Therefore, we strongly recommend a daily practice.

see you on the mat.